Food Safety Program

Food Safety is an integral part of our

daily operation. We proactively anticipate hazards from product reception through distribution.

Visit Our Facility

We invite you to tour our wholesale facility at any time. See our safety practices in action!

Energy & Sustainability

Recycling is the right thing to do on

Cape Cod. Every ton of trash that we divert from trash dumpsters to recycling bins saves seventeen trees -- and it saves everyone money. Read More...


Top quality produce
from all over the world.

Ring Bros. Wholesale

selects the best quality produce and specialty foods from around the world for delivery to your restuarant, resort, retail store or hotel.

Cutting Edge Facility and Equipment

Our wholesale facility features four distinct temperature zones that properly maintain vegetables, fruits, dairy, cheeses, cakes and frozen foods. We have a modern fleet of refrigerated and "freezer equipped" vehicles, to assure that your order is fresh when it arrives.

  • Top Quality Produce
  • Cutting Edge Facility
  • Modern Fleet of Vehicles
  • Food Safetly Specialists

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